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Mold Free Zone

Mold can cause wide variety of health issues and damage to one’s home or business. Coastal Property Restoration ensures thorough and professional mold removal.

Our team prides itself on taking the necessary steps to restore your home or business to a mold-free zone. Mold can be a hidden problem in your home that slowly grows and takes over.


Properly containing discarded materials is crucial during mold remediation. Our experts determine the appropriate steps to avoid contaminating other areas and ensure the safety of the building and its occupants. We tailor the containment measures for each job to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Structural Cleanings

Cleaning a structure can sometimes be enough for mold remediation, as mold doesn't grow on non-organic materials. Sometimes, mold growth is caused by excess dirt and dust in the structure. Our professionals can identify the cause of mold, and remove it to effectively get rid of the mold problem.

Content Cleaning

We offer professional cleaning services for a variety of items, including desks, equipment, certain types of books and more. Our team is equipped to handle the cleaning and restoration process with care and efficiency, ensuring that your items are returned to their pre-damaged condition as much as possible.


Often, there are porous materials with excessive mold growth that need to be discarded. Using the correct type of containment materials and procedures stops spores from spreading throughout a structure.

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